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Tuoxin is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of chemical synthetic biological fermentated nucleoside (nucleotide) pharmaceutical intermediates.

Xinxiang Tuoxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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Xinxiang Tuoxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) is a high-tech enterprise integrating the R & D, production and sales of nucleoside (acid) pharmaceutical intermediates in chemical synthesis and biological fermentation. It has strong strength in the R & D and production of nucleoside (acid) pharmaceutical intermediates in China. The company has the advantages of early start, large scale and complete varieties in the R & D field of domestic nucleoside (acid) pharmaceutical intermediates, and has formed a relatively complete stepped product chain from basic products to high-end products. The company has established high-efficiency catalytic synthesis reaction technology platform, nucleoside fermentation technology platform and biotransformation semi synthesis technology platform; And formed a series of nucleoside (acid) products such as pyrimidine series, purine series, nucleotide series and nucleoside series, including cytosine, 5-fluorocytosine, cytidine and other pharmaceutical intermediates.

In terms of production management, the company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, realizing the whole process control from product design and development, raw material procurement, process control to product sales. The company is actively engaged in the certification and registration of various products at home and abroad. Many pharmaceutical intermediate products have passed the official certification of Japan, EU and other countries and regions, such as EU r e a C H registration certificate, h a l halal certification and kosher clean food certification.

The company always takes "R & D innovation" as the core and attaches great importance to the investment in product R & D and the improvement of its comprehensive R & D strength. The company has built "Henan postdoctoral R & D base" and "National Postdoctoral research workstation", and has been successively recognized as "national high-tech industry demonstration project", "the first batch of backbone enterprises of Henan high-tech characteristic industry base", "Henan enterprise technology center" and "Henan nucleoside engineering technology research center", It has successively won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of Henan Province, the second prize of national scientific and technological progress and other major scientific and technological awards, and a number of products have been selected as "national key new products" and "National Torch Plan projects".

R & D strength
The company has set up a research team of more than 100 people led by professorate senior engineers and composed of talents of various echelons.
R & D strength


Invention patents


Scientific research outcomes

Many pharmaceutical intermediates have passed official certifications in Japan, the European Union and other countries/regions, such as the EU REACH Registration Certificate, Japan PDMA Certification, Halal Certification and Kosher Certification, etc.